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Seven Steps to Successful Social Selling Through LinkedIn

Of all the social selling platforms, LinkedIn certainly has the most appropriate name. Linking with others – as an individual as well as with your business page – is the best way to expand your network, get exposure to new leads, and ultimately increase your sales. The best part is that setting up a LinkedIn profile is super-easy.

Personal LinkedIn Profile 

There are seven steps to building a powerful LinkedIn profile for yourself:

  1. Photo

According to LinkedIn’s own research, “simply having a profile photo results in up to 21 times more profile views and 9 times more connection requests.” So, now is not the time to be shy. While it needn’t be a photo from a costly photo shoot, it does need to be professional looking. This means no to cropping your NYE party pics, yes to a neat head-and-shoulders against a plain background. A couple of years ago LinkedIn even added photo editing to their mobile app for quick and easy enhancement of your existing photos.

  1. Position

Including your current position (include your title, company name and time period) gives viewers an idea of what might interest you and the type of connections you might need. (The trick is to remember to update your position as your career develops.)

  1. Education

Again, LinkedIn has noticed that “adding your education leads up to 17 times more messages from recruiters.” That is a sizeable degree of more interest. This is an especially important area for school and college leavers who often lack experience. Make up for your “greenness” by highlighting not only what qualifications you have, but how those make you employable.

  1. Industry

This is an obvious way to make sure you are being seen by the right people. It also ensures that you see relevant events and publications.

  1. Location

Your location is often used as an advanced search by those seeking what you offer. Linking with local opportunities pertinent to you will also be easier.

  1. Skills

Sharing both your soft skills and your technical skills shows more of who you are and what you have to offer than any of the previous sections.

  1. Summary

When people are in a hurry (and who isn’t?), your summary is the only area they will read. Make it count!

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