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Seven Techniques and Traits of Successful Sales Teams

By David Duncan

Most business people have discovered that in order to succeed, they have to use new sales tactics, such as social selling, which suit their niche. Sales promotion teams need to give clients what they really want if they want to succeed.

For better results here are some of the techniques and traits your sales team should brush up on:

  1. Social Selling

Your sales team needs to sharpen its social marketing skills because most buyers use social media networks to research more about your business. Your sales promotion team must know how to use different social media networks. It also has to know and choose the best social media network(s) for your target audience. For instance, if you run a B2B business you will have more success marketing on LinkedIn than on Facebook.

  1. Building Relationship

The secret to success nowadays is to build trust with your clients by developing good relationships with them. To do so, your sales team has to fully understand the industry in order to access crucial information from the clients. This will help you identify the best solutions to your customers’ problems.

  1. Copywriting

Your marketing team must be composed of trained professional writers to present the image of your firm. They should create engaging and valuable content with excellent grammar and be able to work hand in hand with your sales team.

  1. Data Analysis

Your marketing promotion team must know how to analyse data in order to sift through customer data and websites to gauge the success of different promotions. Knowing how to analyse data will help you find the best strategies and drop the ones that are less efficient.

  1. Best Practices When Hiring

A good marketing promotion team is one that has individuals with sales talent. Finding competent and determined salespeople to market your business can save you a lot of money and also protect your business over the long run.

  1. Adaptability

Your sales team must keep up-to-date with the innovations and changes happening in their field. They need to increase their knowledge base by reading or listening about others in your industry. This in turn will help you identify new opportunities.

  1. Process Development

All sales promotion teams need to have a standardised process which specifies how they should work with your customers. Outlining it clearly helps make your sales team more efficient.


With these sales techniques and traits, your sales promotion team will have an upper hand in the modern business environment. Although it is difficult for every member of your marketing team to excel at all of these, this list will help you come up with salespeople whose personalities and backgrounds suit a modern sales promotion team.

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January 25, 2016

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