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Simplifying Keyword Research for Social Selling

Keyword research strikes fear in the hearts of many an intelligent business-owner. By breaking it down into manageable steps, you will soon be dazzling your friends with your knowledge and colleagues with your results. All you need is contained in this guide – awareness, patience and a dash of creativity – much like gardening.

Gather Seed Keywords 

Seed keywords are foundation keywords. Start by examining your existing website for your products and services, as well as the headings of all your web pages. These are potential keywords. You can extend your hunt for seed keywords you might have missed to the headings (pages and sub pages) and tags (title, description and keyword) of your competitions’ websites.

Example: cars.

Branch Out 

Adding modifiers to your list of seed keywords lets you branch out to create sub-categories and long-tail keywords which alter the meaning of the search. These modifiers can relate to location, age, gender, description, type, etc.

Example: luxury cars, safe cars, cars for sale, cars for sale in Miami, red cars.

When it comes to Google’s AdWords, there are five types of matches:

  1. Broad match,
  2. Broad match modifier,
  3. Phrase match,
  4. Exact match,
  5. Negative match (we will look at these in another blog).

Prune Your Keywords 

This is where quality starts to trump quantity. What your aims are will be your guide as you determine the balance between:

  • Competitiveness

the number of other bidders wanting a specific term – versus search volume – the amount of traffic searching for a specific query.

Example: “Cars for sale in Florida” would have more bidders and more traffic. “Cars for sale in Miami” would have fewer bidders and less traffic.

  • Short tail keywords

Useful for targeting users looking for information – versus long tail keywords – useful for users wanting to buy.

Example: “Cars” vs. “reasonably prices cars for sale”.

There are some tools available to help you gauge the effectiveness of keywords. These include SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner, Keywordspy, Moz Keyword Difficulty Tool.


Just like your garden, it is important to monitor the results of your keywords. It may be necessary to periodically “weed” out ineffective keywords, plant new “seeds”, or update what you are cultivating. The rewards are worth it. Investing in smart keyword research will give you a huge advantage over the competition.

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