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How small business owners can replace cold calling with social media

One of the things that any small business owner or salesperson dreads the most is cold calling prospects. Unfortunately, cold calling is still highly effective – if it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be call centers all across the globe dedicated to this exact task.

What makes cold calling exceptionally hard for small business owners is that they often have to handle this task themselves. Without a big budget for marketing, sales and lead generating, contacting prospects is part and parcel to growing your business and making money.

Cold calling can damage your self-esteem. Nobody likes to feel rejected but it’s something that will happen over and over again. With social selling, however, you can still get the personal interaction you need with decision makers from cold calling without wasting time calling people and reciting your sales pitch hundreds of times.

Firstly, you will need to identify the decision maker that you want to contact. If you know the company’s name and the job title, then you can do research on LinkedIn to find out who you should be talking to. In the world of cold calling, this would be a much longer process because you might have to call the company’s switchboard and you can’t exactly ask to “speak to the CEO”, so you would have to pass through a number of gatekeepers. Social selling shortens this process significantly.

Start by connecting with and following your prospect on social media. Then become their biggest fan. Liking their posts and engaging with them online will create a feeling of familiarity, which is crucial to taking the first step of sliding into their DM’s and building a relationship.

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