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Smart Selling Techniques Using Social Media

Picture it: Scandinavian 1,000,00BC. Mr Stone needs a new mammoth-killing spear. He has hunted with Mr Smoulder who sells spears. He has received many parchment flyers from Mr Bluster. Who will he buy from?

From the beginning of time, the sales process has gone hand in hand with relationships. With our modern technological advantage, now it is easier than ever to break through previous barriers – such as geography or social status – to establish relationships with target customers.

Recent statistics back that up:

  • 91% of B2B buyers are active on social media platforms.
  • 84% of senior executives report using social media to support their purchasing decisions.
  • 75% of B2B buyers admit to being significantly influenced by social media.

Step by Step Ways to Leverage Social Media for Better Sales 

  • Use your traditional buyer personal exercise to select which social media platforms your prospects favour, and start by focusing on those. For example, would Pinterest and Instagram be better for a) a wedding cake baker, or b) an electrical wholesaler?

Take these figures into consideration:

Most teens prefer Facebook (84%) and Instagram  (37%)

The majority (27%) of LinkedIn users fall into the 30-49 years age category.

  • Build authentic relationships by interacting with prospects and clients in a way that is relatable, likeable, and trustworthy.

Prove that your brand is an amicable and dependable source.

  • Use a tool such as to seek out who is talking about your brand, and connect with those individuals.

Add value to their network by commenting or sharing their posts and answer their questions. Inevitably they will follow you back, allowing you to find out more about their needs. Send them a private message or email positioning yourself as a friend who has identified a solution.

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October 9, 2017

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