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Snapchat for Social Selling

Social selling involves using techniques on various social media platforms to improve the reputation of your brand, and thereby aid in the prospecting of new leads. Is Snapchat a network that will work for you?

Snapchat Influencers 

Snapchat advertising often connects brands with online influencers for powerful collaborations:

  • Product Placement 

Taking influencer marketing to a new level, Snapchat product placement campaigns allow you to partner with a popular social media influencer.

  • Unboxing 

Drilling down further, you can join forces with a digital celebrity and share a video of him or her receiving, using, and reviewing one of your new products or services.

  • Takeover 

If you really trust your Snapchat influencer, you can give him or her the chance to generate engagement by letting them take over your account for a pre-determined period of time.

  • Snapchat Promotions 

Giving away something worthwhile – such as a giveaway or discount code – in exchange for interacting with your Snapchat content can lead to increased followers and brand awareness.

  • Snap Ads 

Video advertisements (which can be skipped as in YouTube) can be placed between various Snapchat Stories. An expandable option exists, which allows users to swipe up if they would like to see the full video, visit your website or even install your app.

  • Snapchat Lenses 

Endless fun has been had with this crazy feature of Snapchat. From a social selling point of view, you can pay for brand-sponsored Snapchat lenses to engage potentially millions of users. This is becoming an increasingly popular technique, despite the hefty price tag.

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