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Social Intelligence – Maybe Not What You Think!

How do you define social intelligence…?

The term “social intelligence” has been used since the 1920’s, when it was postulated as a form of human intelligence (work by Thorndike, as described in this article by Kihlstrom and Canter). There are two definite senses, the original and a more recent connotation of the body of knowledge about social relationships. With the development of online communities and the ability to mine information from these communities, we have started to see another variation for this term – the actionable insights (“intelligence”) derived from observing behavior in online social networks.

And why would you care?

As social selling practitioners we need to be aware of actions that signal changes in a suspect / prospect / client purchasing interest. Harversting that information (intelligence…) from social networks is a significant element functions of in-bound marketing and Social Selling. The difference? Inbound Marketing is the “shot gun” to attract contacts and nurture contacts into suspect; Social Selling is about building confidence and credibility to close a deal, then building on that relationship and attached network to proactively generate interest and more sales.

Listening for signals through LinkedIN, Twitter and other networks is one of the core activities of social selling – contact us to find out how you can master the art of social listening to derive actionable insights through social intelligence!

February 11, 2015

1 responses on "Social Intelligence - Maybe Not What You Think!"

  1. Hi Peter, Great points! One of the loudest challenges I hear from potential clients and clients alike is “I’ve been putting myself out there in the social world online (usually meaning Linkedin) and its just the chirp of the crickets I hear back. What do I do to wake these people up and notice me?!” My thought is that they are not watching for these social signals and the crickets and silence are simply from the wrong approaches and content at this point in the relatioship.- Dave Berthiaume

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