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Why Social Listening Is Just As Important As Social Selling

Sales professionals who have been utilising social selling over the last few years will know just how effective the approach can be. But do they know how much more effective social selling can be when combined with the right amount of social listening? We investigate the issue below:

What Is Social Listening? 

Social listening revolves around using various social media platforms to ‘listen in’ on relevant conversations – that is, conversations that pertain to your industry and to those who might be interested in what you are selling. It is about using the free tools at your disposal in order to gain insight into what your potential clients are thinking, what they are happy about within the industry and what they’d like to see change. It is about trying to understand your prospects on a deeper level. It is about finding common ground and using it to make a deeper connection with them and, in doing so, upping your chances of making that sale!

Mistakes That You Are Probably Making

At the moment, you are likely using social media marketing platforms to do research on who might be a prospective client. And then you probably are jumping right into trying to start a conversation with them. The secret instead is to wait a little and to monitor this person’s behaviour and activity online first. This research is essential to making your first interaction with them personal and memorable. Find out what they want and what they are looking for and then communicate to them why and how you feel that you can provide them with exactly that.

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