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Social Media Marketing Landscape

By Francois Muscat

If you want to use social selling to generate more leads and place emphasis on your reputation, social media marketing will be an invaluable tool for you. Online interaction is a pivotal aspect of the modern customer experience. Approximately 56% of users who actively use social media to deal with businesses report a more secure connection with them. Even if you are not hooked on social media, a company without a website or social media account seems to lack credibility and a 21st Century approach.

Two-pronged growth

The channels consumers use to reach businesses have doubled over the past few years. The Internet has become the public’s medium of choice to share views about an establishment, a product, or a service.

At the same time, mobile technology has soared. No longer is marketing designed to be mobile-inclusive, but mobile-first. Around 80% of mobile users prefer brands to send marketing campaigns to their smartphones.

Blend social and mobile for a superior customer experience

Location-based marketing is one of the most powerful methods of interacting with customers who check in through social media. Using location-based social networks to offer limited time deals or to share useful information such as nearby services is an excellent way to keep your customers engaged. In fact, 57% of smartphones users want businesses to send them location-based offers.

Using a mobile point-of-sale not only engenders a more convenient purchasing experience; it also allows you to accumulate extensive data designed from previous purchases. Create personalized social media marketing campaigns using this insightful segmentation.

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January 30, 2017

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