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Social Media and Your Staff

by Francois  Muscat

Young children are being taught the importance of cyber safety in schools. College graduates are cleaning up their social media presence before entering the job market. We have all heard the tale of the team member pulling a sickie only to be caught out by a tagged photo. Many an HR officer pours over rules related to time spent on social media in the office. These examples may indicate that social media and staff are like oil and water. However, why not turn it around, and use social media to actively engage your staff. Better yet, get your staff to become brand advocates on social media.

Social Selling

Using social media to increase your sales is made up of five steps:

  1. Establishing a social online presence
  2. Attracting followers
  3. Keeping your followers engaged
  4. Augment via the network
  5. Analyze and hone

Harness the Inherent Power of Social Technologies

Which do you place more value on:

  • word-of-mouth messages from friends and colleagues, or
  • corporate account campaigns?

Using social media as a marketing tool is largely a numbers game. As a SME, it takes a while for you to establish a large number of followers. However, by actively encouraging staff to share updates about your brand on their own social media accounts, you quickly, easily, and cheaply boost your audience.

If you are still sceptical, statistics have shown that “content shared by personnel yields eight times more engagement than content shared via brand campaigns; and is reshared 25 times more frequently. Leads generated through employee social marketing convert seven times more frequently than other leads.”

Unlock the Power of Social Selling

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