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Social Selling – Beyond Lead Capturing

As consumers have been bombarded with sales emails, so they have become averse to giving out their email addresses and personal information. A LinkedIn survey of B2B buyers reveals how the approach to social selling and inbound marketing needs to change:

“B2B buyers would be more likely to engage with sales reps who reached out through personal connections and shared industry knowledge. A whopping 88% of respondents said they would engage with a sales rep who was introduced through someone in their professional network.”

Social Selling Facilitates a Move Towards Familiarity 

Chip Heath and Amos Tversky, psychologists at Stanford University, published a paper showing how people pick what is familiar, even if the odds are not in its favour. Known as “familiarity bias”, this phenomenon has a significant impact on purchase decision-making.

Marketers have long understood that people prefer the familiar. Where social selling has flourished, though, is as a powerful platform for relationship-building. Conversations have never been easier to start, and communication between businesses and prospective customers abounds. Despite not being face-to-face, human-to-human (H2H) communication has been the basis of B2B marketing.

The New Face of Social Selling 

Users are easily bored, and this is evident in the way in which their internet usage has evolved. Rather than purely exchanging information for email addresses, social selling now offers solutions to today’s proactive customers.

Social selling has stepped up in its role to encapsulate so much more than lead generation. For maximum impact, social selling is dependent on valuable data and information about the habits of clients and prospects. Knowing more about your audience improves your engagement, nurtures relationships, and ultimately leads to better sales figures.

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