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Social Selling Can Help Sales People Avoid This No.1 Pitfall

The one thing that many salespeople get wrong is that they try to close too early. Trying to make a sale when your customer isn’t ready is the quickest way to erode the relationship, take two steps back and lose out on a deal.

The problem with trying to close too early is that you are not really giving the customer the value they need and expect from the interaction. This is something that many salespeople struggle with and it is easy to understand why: you have targets to meet, the lead is hot, and if you can make the sale sooner rather than later, then everybody wins. Right? Wrong!

Social media is a powerful tool to help you overcome this pitfall. Here are a few ways that you can use to avoid trying to close too early:

Get A Feel For Where They Are In Their Buyer’s Journey

A person who has joined LinkedIn groups in your industry, regularly comments about products or services in your niche and who interacts with you on this platform is in a different frame of mind than someone who is only aware of your product or brand. Do a bit of online research to get a feel for where your potential customer is in their buyer’s journey and see what kind of questions and comments they are posting online. This can help you tailor your approach to take them one step closer to becoming a customer instead of skipping a few vital steps and trying to close the deal too soon.

Check titles

Is your potential customer even in the position to make a buying decision? LinkedIn allows you to check titles. If you’re selling IT software and you are dealing with a technical specialist, then the next step might be to bring the CIO in the loop. Don’t put pressure on a potential customer if you are not even sure whether they can make the transaction happen.

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