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How Social Selling Can Improve Account Management

By Rob Thomas

Let’s face it, the daily function of account management when working on an active opportunity can be tedious and it’s an area that most business sales teams can improve on. There are many tasks that must be carried out to ensure that accounts are properly managed and sales are successful going forward. Social selling is a great way to improve on account management as it allows for quick, easy and convenient communication, research and collaboration.

Below are a few things you can start doing today, with social selling, that will help you to improve on your account management strategies: 

  • Surround the account, socially – You will find that more people are involved in the decision making process these days. This means that vendors come under more scrutiny and so do the solutions that they offer. Don’t be deterred by having to face more people. Socially surrounding people is a sure-fire way to overcome this hurdle. You can use Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other digital tools to follow and learn more about the decision makers you are dealing with. You will be amazed at what you can find out in terms of the companies they work for, their business strategies, what niche industries they are interested in and more. Use this to your advantage.
  • Surround each top account buying member – This often scares sales experts as they don’t want to create too much noise on their social feeds, but you can create filters to avoid this. Engage with the client – let them know you are there, but don’t harass or bombard them with content or communications.
  • Engage! Communicate and use the information you have gathered – There’s no use doing all of this social surrounding if you aren’t going to use the information that you have found. Start a conversation with your targets and be sure to include something that is of interest or importance to them – this is the true secret to successful first time engagement.
  • Have a set sales process and follow it – Social media is everything that it’s cracked up to be, but you should make sure that the same sales process is followed with each sale. Creating a simple sales method that each sales member must follow will help to grow a sales habit that will keep presenting results as your social selling skills improve and sales figures soar.

Social Selling Consulting and Workshops for Improved Account Management

To summarise, in order to use social selling for better account management, you should socially surround key account decision makers, engage with them on a personal level or level of interest and know your sales process / method. At Social Selling Education, we can teach your sales team these skills and more social media selling strategies and techniques.

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