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Social selling content that answers your buyer’s questions

By Peter Fieger

Social selling is all about getting past the normal debates between sales representatives and potential buyers in order to help a buyer overcome any obstacle or challenge they might have (a challenge that you can solve). Many times, a potential buyer might decide not to buy from a sales representative because they either don’t realise they have a problem or aren’t convinced you can solve this problem.

In order to show a potential client what they’re missing by either not acknowledging the problem exists or opting to not listen to how your product or service can solve this problem, you need to create quality content. The type of content you need has to answer the “why, how and who,” questions that are at the forefront of the potential buyers’ minds. Some examples of the types of content that can be created to answer the following questions include:

  • Why? Blog posts and YouTube videos can be created to highlight the challenge your potential buyers’ are facing.
  • How? Podcasts, webinars, infographics and whitepapers can be used to create tactical guides for potential buyers. These guides should give good information and showcase your products and services as the obvious, easy solution to the problem they are facing.
  • Who? Showcase your expertise with case studies on your website, testimonials from clients and online reviews.

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August 10, 2015

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