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How Social Selling Differs from Traditional Selling

If you are not exploring the art of social selling, you simply cannot reach your full potential as a sales professional. It really is as simple as that! Social selling not only provides you with incredible tools and opportunities to boost more than just the number of sales you make each month, but also boosts the overall value of your relationships with both your existing clients and potential clients, too. Here are a few eye-opening ways in which social selling differs from traditional selling and why it may be time to re-think your approach:

  • It Is More Personal

There is a reason why they call it ‘cold calling’. The approach is random, cold and impersonal. No wonder it is so difficult to build a lasting connection with a potential client this way! Social selling, on the other hand, makes it possible for you to learn about the person whom you are approaching in a personal and professional capacity, making every interaction a warmer, more personal one.

  • It Is More Streamlined 

With traditional selling and cold calling, you have a script in front of you and you use a cookie-cutter method of communicating with prospects. With social selling, on the other hand, you have the chance to actually engage in relevant, tailored conversations with a prospect according to their unique needs, current circumstances and expectations.

  • It Does Not Have to Cost a Thing 

While subscriptions and memberships can help to boost the results and value of social selling, you do not have to spend a cent in order to make it work for you. Unlike with traditional selling, which costs quite a lot of money from the actual phone calls that you have to make to the usually hefty price tag when it comes to buying lead lists.

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