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What social selling is and isn’t

By David Duncan

Many sales teams and business people have made ‘social selling’ a goal for 2016, without having a proper grasp on what exactly the term entails. In order to leverage the opportunities that social selling offers, you have to know what social selling is and social selling isn’t. Here are a few examples of what social selling isn’t:

  • Introducing yourself and trying to make a deal with a person you don’t even know on LinkedIn;
  • A replacement for networking meetings, industry conferences and face-to-face meetings with clients;
  • Tweeting at people to generate leads on Twitter;
  • A magic bullet for meeting your sales targets.

Social selling should be seen as a way to enhance your sales process, broaden your connections and have more meaningful online interactions with the people that you want to do business with in real life. Here are a few things that you can do to kick-start the process: 

  • Endorse a business connection or client on LinkedIn
  • Write a blog post and share it across your own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and GooglePlus pages (and ask your colleagues to share it across their as well);
  • Researching potential clients on social media before your first meeting;
  • Searching for and following thought leaders on LinkedIn and Twitter;
  • Retweeting a post by a customer or potential customer. 

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