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Is Social Selling just another shiny new thing?

Let’s face it, Social Selling is a child of social media and the behavior changes that have resulted from easy access to information on the internet. At a very real level, almost all effective sales people have adopted the fundamental behaviors that make their day to day work effective – they Google suspects before calling, connect on LinkedIN with prospects before meeting, and stay in touch through the sales process with multiple communications channels.   So why would they not simply evolve into social selling guru’s on their own?

Well – think about what your sales reps are doing – it is all about using the information to make their jobs easier. Don’t you think that your suspects, prospects and clients are doing the same, but from the perspective of their workload and needs? Social selling is all about making their journey easier –without overloading your sales team with a lot of unproductive activity.

What you need to know to drive a decision on implementing social selling? A couple of statistics from the last couple of years…

  • 67% of a buyers’ research and selection process happens online. If your reps are not there, chances are the buyers are talking to your competitors.
  • 65% of sales teams using social selling achieved or bettered their quota, compared to less than 50% of those who do not. (Aberdeen Group, Social Selling: Unleashing the Power of Social Media on B2B Enablement, 2013).

Time to get on social selling, shiny or not!

January 28, 2015

1 responses on "Is Social Selling just another shiny new thing?"

  1. Social Selling is definitely not just a shiny new thing – in fact it’s been around since far before the Internet even existed! An essential component of social selling is relationship building – and that shouldn’t be confined to online channels. It is true that today most social selling activity has an online component, but using social media to facilitate the sales process doesn’t fully define social selling – that could also be social media marketing which is an entirely different animal. Indeed, social selling has to involve real people having real conversations which is a sales method as old as commerce itself!

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