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Does Social Selling Make Sales People More Effective?

In a Whitepaper entitled The Modern Science behind Sales Force Excellence, Dave Kurlan asked businesses whether social selling had an impact on the effectiveness of their sales team.

Close to 40% of the businesses said that they had more sales opportunities thanks to their social selling strategies. These companies’ social selling and sales strategies were further scrutinized and their feedback showed that:

  • They were 30% more likely to have a significant increase in sales when compared to the rest of respondents,
  • Half of these companies gave their salespeople training (compared to 22% of the respondents), and
  • 85% reached out to prospects on social media platforms.

This goes to show that companies who are using social selling and have a formalised social selling strategy are seeing great results. The rest of the companies (62%) who said that they weren’t seeing an increase in sales opportunities or reported a decrease in opportunities had a very different approach to social selling:

  • 67% of these companies said they had an informal approach to social selling, and
  • Only 50% of their sales staff reached out to prospects directly on social media channels.

Formalising your company’s social selling strategy, actively training sales representatives and showing them how to be engaged on social media will make a huge difference to the sales opportunities you see.

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June 18, 2018

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