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Social Selling Makes Seasoned Sales People Unlearn the Way They Sell

A salesperson not having a LinkedIn profile can be equated to a company not having a website. It is simply something that you need to have. Just as you go online to research your prospects, your prospects are also hopping onto the internet to research you.

Some people believe that if they jump on the social selling bandwagon and say that they are doing it, that their pipelines will be filled with quality leads.  But, this is simply not the case. Social selling is a discipline. As a seasoned salesperson, it also means unlearning many of the things that may have worked for you in the past.

Social selling is about training yourself in new methodologies and new skill sets to get your primary job (selling!) done. Most seasoned salespeople are used to one-on-one engagements via telephones or in face-to-face meetings. However, the reality today is that most people just do not have the time for that. Due to the fact that you no longer have the ability to have one-on-one contact with prospects on a very personal level, we have to learn to leverage other tools.

Social selling is not about the idea of going online and connecting with everybody, it is about finding the right connections and gaining the right insights about them. Salespeople who are disciplined about using social media to find prospects and share relevant information are able to expand their networks quickly and efficiently. They become magnets for many of their new prospects.

By differentiating yourself through social networks, you will be able to speed up the sales cycle. It helps you build even better connections because instead of having a sales call or meeting once a quarter, you have ongoing interactions and connections that keep you top of mind.

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April 2, 2018

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