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Social Selling Not Working for You? Here Is What You’re Doing Wrong

When executed correctly, social selling on social media networks, like Twitter and LinkedIn, should provide you with a wealth of new opportunities when it comes to finding, approaching and getting to know prospective clients and leads. However, it is an art! And it definitely takes time to master! Here are a few reasons why it may not be working for you… yet!

  • You’re Not Engaging Directly with Your Leads 

While keeping your profile up to date and posting regularly is certainly important when it comes to social media marketing and social selling in general, what is really imperative is ensuring that you are taking the time to interact directly with potential clients, getting to know them and their personal expectations along the way. As a sales professional, you need to be making use of the many tools provided by the social platforms in order to have a more pertinent and effective conversation with your prospective buyers.

  • You’re Using a Hard Sell Approach 

Stop promoting your product before solidifying a relationship with your prospective clients! This is the easiest way in which to put them off and send them in search of your competitors. Listen to them first before trying to solve their problems. Doing so could mean the difference between a conversion and an unfulfilled lead.

  • You’re Relying Purely on Social 

While social selling offers plenty of opportunities to engage and keep in touch with prospective buyers, the traditional approach still goes a long way towards impressing them. It is therefore recommended that, as a salesman, you utilise both equally. In other words, check in on social media, but don’t forget to pay your lead a visit in person from time to time, too!

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