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Using Complaints on Social Media to Your Advantage

By David Duncan

Aside from posting hilarious memes and sharing flawless selfies, social media is used predominantly as a platform for people to vent and complain – more often than not about the service, or lack thereof, that they received from a particular company. When it comes to social selling, this can be used to your advantage in two main ways.

For Research Purposes 

As a salesman or sales manager, you can use people’s complaints and grievances for research purposes. On Twitter or Facebook, for example, you can type in a competitor’s name and read through all the tweets, posts and comments made about them – good or bad. If you notice a trend amongst many different customers of theirs, you can use this information to your benefit when meeting with new prospects outside of social media (they are likely to have had similar experiences with other companies in the industry) … and convincing them why you are different and how you will be able to offer them the opposite!

For Lead Generation 

If someone has made a complaint about a competitor, you also have the opportunity to approach this individual directly. The key to success here lies in your approach. Don’t go for the sale immediately. Start off by saying that you are sorry that they have had such a negative experience – from there, you can chat to them about possible alternative solutions to their problem… and how you can offer these solutions to them. By doing so, you will come across as helpful, knowledgeable, caring and, most importantly, trustworthy!

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