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Do A Social Selling Spot Check On Your Sales Team By David Duncan

As a sales manager, you need to be leading the way with your social selling strategy. If you have given your sales people the training and tools they need, you need to do regular spot-checks to make sure the strategy is being executed. Here is one thing you should check on a weekly basis:


Are They Sharing Content?

In previous blog posts, we discussed how to set alerts and create lists to find content that is relevant to your clients’ industries. The people who check out their content need to be added to their LinkedIn networks to grow their online community. Every single day, sales people should be developing the networks that can help to serve them better in the future. This is something that you should be checking in on and asking your sales team about.


Be The Catalyst For The Cultural Shift That Is Needed

Sales managers can talk until they are blue in the face before realising that all they needed to do was create momentum. Have a session on creating professional profiles, grab a camera to take professional profile pictures and start sharing content with your team to be the catalyst of the cultural shift that is needed within your sales team.


Start Sharing Data And Insights

It is one thing to talk about social selling, and another thing to show your sales team the results that it garners. Get feedback from your sales reps that are using social selling and create graphs showing how many new contacts they could make, how their engagement is going and how many sales they are closing as a result of their online activities.


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