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Social Selling Stats That Will Inspire You To Embrace The Approach In 2019

2019 is already in full swing, and if you have yet to use the art of social selling to your advantage, it is safe to say that you are missing out. Here are some jaw-dropping statistics that are practically guaranteed to inspire you to adopt the approach from here on in:

  • It Boosts The Success Of Social Selling Teams

A recent survey found that social selling teams who used social media to leverage sales were more likely to hit their targets. In fact, the survey concluded that 64% of social selling teams who used social media managed to reach their goals, compared to just 49% of the teams who neglected to embrace the power of social selling.

  • People Buy Differently These Days 

Look at your own buying behaviour. How often do you research a product online before buying it? How often do you decide to purchase the product online instead of visiting the store in person? According to research, nowadays, at least 67% of the entire buyer’s journey is conducted online.

  • There Are More Opportunities 

Studies have shown that sales professionals who utilise social selling attract 45% more sales opportunities than their peers who do not. That is because the business owners who sales professionals are striving to target are spending their time researching suppliers online.

  • It Allows For Better Relationships 

There is greater warmth in terms of the interactions between sales professional and a potential client when it comes to social selling. In fact, 31% of B2B professionals stated that they felt social selling enabled them to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients.

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