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Social Selling Tactics that Aren’t Doing You Any Favours

Social selling is all about building beneficial relationships with potential clients and customers in as genuine a way as possible. Seeing as though it revolves around people and relationships, many consider it to be quite an art. If you have yet to see the results that you feel your efforts deserve, you may be implementing certain tactics that are doing these fragile relationships more harm than good. We explain in greater detail below.

  • Are You Adding Value? 

Making small talk or trying too hard to be funny can backfire when trying to get a potential client on your side. Remember that in order to build a strong foundation, you need to offer your contacts something of value – whether it be advice or a solution to their current problems (in the form of the product or service that you’re selling). While we are definitely not suggesting that you push your product or service on them at every chance you get, don’t be afraid to communicate its value when the time is right.

  • Mass Tagging

There is nothing more impersonal than mass tagging people with whom you’ve barely had any interaction in an effort to gain a greater level of visibility for yourself. When you do tag someone, make sure that you do it thoughtfully.

  • Asking for Introductions Too Early 

Have you recently noticed that one of your acquaintances is friendly with someone who you consider to be a potential client? Don’t jump straight to asking for an introduction. Make the effort to get to know the acquaintance better before asking for a favour. If you don’t, instead of putting in a good word for you, they just might do the opposite!

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