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Social Sharing Secrets: How to Increase Your Social Media Shares

You can increase your audience by getting them to engage with and share your content. Shared content on social media builds your brand, extend your reach, and generally make the most of your online marketing efforts. But how do you increase your social selling content shares?  Here are super social sharing secrets to help create content that resonates with your social selling strategy and that will increase the number of social shares your content receives:

Don’t Be Shy To Ask

Make a point of asking for social shares, and you’ll be more likely to get them. Incorporate gentle reminders to (social) share the love, such as a pop-up that says “If you liked this post, share it on Facebook!”

Only One Click Required

People are more likely to share your content if it requires minimal effort on their part. This is particularly true of social media. One of the easiest ways to encourage shares is to add social media buttons to your blog or website. Remember to make your social sharing buttons prominent.

Make or Break Headlines

Readers will decide whether to click through on a link based on its title. Make sure you have attention-grabbing headlines and messaging that offer context into what the reader will get out of the content. Never exaggerate the benefits of your post, or be misleading – that will only hurt you as readers won’t trust your content in future.

Play with Post Excerpts and Post Titles

When resharing your blog posts, make sure to include some shares that don’t include the title. Instead, use an excerpt from the content of the post: it may attract those that have passed over your title the first time around.


An unfriendly mobile website puts you at a severe disadvantage. Google has even announced that a mobile-friendly design will be a factor in their mobile search algorithm. A responsive design and a mobile sharing option that displays nicely on mobile devices will increase the likelihood that your visitors share your content.

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August 6, 2018

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