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Solve the LinkedIn Profile Puzzle By David Duncan

In today’s social media dominated world, it is not unusual that people will Google you before they meet with you. That means that as far as the business world is concerned, it is very likely that the first impression that people will have of you, will be your LinkedIn profile. The bottom-line, whether you want to build business connections, generate leads or both, is that it has become essential to have a striking, attention-grabbing online presence. The starting point is an attractive profile in which the focus is on getting people to know, like and trust you. In other words, don’t try to sell your services or products until you have built a rapport with people. Here are more tips to get you going:


  • Perfect Pics


Use professional-looking pictures. Depending on your industry, of course, generally speaking a photo in a business suit (for the ladies) or a suit and tie (for the gents) is good.

  • Colgate Smile


A friendly smile will make you look approachable and, therefore, people will be more willing to engage.

  • Devil in the Detail


Complete your profile in detail. Hi-light your key skills, so that people can easily find you when they search for those specific skills.

  • Biggest Loser


Your summary should show how you can help in clear language (avoid hype and jargon).  It will help you to avoid the biggest mistake made by professionals on LinkedIn, i.e. not being specific.


  • Headline News


Your headline must show people how you can add value (as opposed to what you do) by solving their problems. It should communicate the concrete results you offer your customer, and it should show how you are different and/or better than everyone else.

  • Funny Faces


Interestingly, using a relevant emoji can draw people to your headline. However, rather err on the side of caution than to go overboard with the emojis!

  • Many Happy Returns


Set you birthday to be shown to your network – it increases views.

  • (In)Decent exposure


Adjust your privacy settings to get maximum exposure. Also, remember, you want people to focus on you, not others. For this reason, turn off the button that says viewers of this profile also viewed.

  • Avoid the Blanks


It may seem obvious, but make sure your contact details are filled in and complete your work experience fully.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have the skills to compile anything but a bare-bones presence or profile. So, if you are interested in social selling techniques and strategies to enhance your reputation and help you prospect for new leads, why not contact We offer a range of instructor training, social selling workshops and consulting services that can be customised for your business. Contact us for more information today.

June 17, 2019

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