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Starting A Conversation With Clients: Advice From Social Selling Pros By Francois Muscat

Starting a conversation with clients can be tough. People are busy, and they often don’t want to have to meet with sales people. So, what can you do?


Video has become increasingly important in engaging with clients. As a sales manager, something that you should be encouraging your sales team to do is work with the marketing department to create video content that is customised for your client. Some of the best information to include in this video can be found online. You can do a competitive benchmark against your client’s competitors, see what people are writing about them online, find out what former employees have to say about their company on, and so forth.


Every single conversation that your sales people are having with clients should have value. They should be sharing articles, insights and making videos that are synthesizing and humanising articles in the market and contextualising it for clients. If your sales people can start a conversation with a client and reference the last conversation they had with a recent article in Harvard Business Review, for example, it adds value to the client and their business.


As a sales manager, you need to make sure that your sales people aren’t calling clients and simply asking them if they are ready to buy yet. Once you have a meeting with a client, the focus should be on education. Only 3% of the market is ready to buy today and only 7% is actively looking to buy. That leaves 90% of buyers in the ‘dead zone’, where people aren’t ready to speak to someone who is selling a product or service. It could take 90, 200 or 365 days for your buyers to be ready. In the meantime, your sales team should be focusing on education and engagement.


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