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Statistically, you aren’t doing this right on LinkedIn

By Francois Muscat

LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index will show you how you rank on the world’s biggest networking site. While many social selling experts will have high scores, many sales professionals still score under 50 (out of 100). So what can you do to improve your SSI score? Here are a few things:

It sounds like a cliché, but your profile isn’t complete

There are many social selling experts harping on about having a complete profile, but people are still skipping this vital step. A good way of reviewing your current content is asking yourself what your ideal customer needs to know about you. Think about the challenges they face and how you can help them solve these challenges. Keep this in mind as you go through the steps and complete your profile.

You need more connections

In the B2B environment, there are many people involved in the sales process. Gone are the days where you could deal with a single person and make a sale – today, a larger number of people are involved, which is why you also need to connect with more people on LinkedIn. If you have already connected with one contact in a company, you can boost your chances of doing business with the company by connecting with his or her colleagues as well. LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator can also help map out people who have similar profiles to the people you are looking to do business with, so this is a worthwhile tool for people who want to step up their social selling abilities a notch.

Tailor content to your audience

Cold calling is tough and it is becoming increasingly ineffective. Instead of calling up people out of the blue, start working towards being an online influencer by sharing insights, curating content and engaging with people on LinkedIn so that you can build a relationship with them before you call for business. 

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