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Teaching Social Selling: Action = Retention By Pieter Fieger

For many sales people, social selling comes with a steep learning curve – especially if they aren’t digital natives. According to HubSpot Academy, this is the average learning retention rate for different learning activities:

  • Lecture: 5%
  • Reading: 10%
  • Audio and visual: 20%
  • Demonstration: 30%
  • Discussion group: 50%
  • Practice by doing: 75%
  • Teaching others: 90%


As you can see, there is only so much that you can get out of a sales professional by giving them tools. As a sales manager, your job is to give them the skills they need.


There are all types of ways that you can teach people, but as you can see from the above statistics, teaching others is the action that is needed for effective retention. If you want to make sure that what you have taught people is embedded in their DNA, get them to teach the content back to you.


However you start learning and deploying training, you need a curriculum so that you can increase content contextualisation for your team. Not only do you need to be engaged in the training program, but you also need to be asking questions on behalf of your sales team.


If you are working with a social selling coach, you may find that the sales people are a bit meek in the beginning. Be the one to break the ice by asking questions and encouraging discussions among you. Then you need to monitor the results to make sure they are consuming the content and applying it in their jobs.


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