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The Sales Professional’s Beginner Guide to Sales Navigator

By Peter Fieger

LinkedIn is becoming one of the most effective social platforms for social selling. This is especially because of their Sales Navigator tool.

The Sales Navigator is a platform specially designed for sales professionals to discover qualified leads. It is becoming an essential tool for success in digital marketingThe Sales Navigator makes it easier for sales professionals to establish their presence online, find and engage potential clients and finally make sales.
Why you should use Sales Navigator

A recent study showed that sales people that made use of the tool are 51% more likely to hit their sales targets compared to those that don’t. Sales Navigator can be used in collaboration with many available CRM systems making it easy to integrate into your existing process. It’s a convenient and complementary tool that is designed to boost your sales.

Getting started

  • Get the tool

The first step to getting started with Sales Navigator is setting up a LinkedIn account if you don’t already have one. The tool is available on mobile as well. You should therefore also download the app to your mobile phone.

  • Set your preferences

The next step is to set up your preferences. Your sales preferences should include the different employee levels you want to connect to using the tool. Be sure to indicate specific industries and locations you’re interested in. Setting specific and detailed preferences helps you narrow down your target market. You’ll be able to stay engaged with your existing contacts and other invaluable contacts.

  • Start connecting

You can now start exploring the Sales Navigator. Create a list of lead targets by searching for people on LinkedIn that fit your sales criteria. Save any connections you discover that seem to be potential leads. It’s always best to reach out to these connections and contact them personally. You can use InMails for this. However, you’re limited to only 25 of these per month.

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