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The Worst Practices in Creating Your LinkedIn Profile

By Peter Fieger

A bit about the platform – LinkedIn has 380M active members, two members join every second and there are 42 million unique visitors on mobile devices every month.

These stats are impressive and as a sales rep you have to leverage these numbers. The presence and accessibility offered by Linkedin has been a big factor in the growth of social selling. LinkedIN is the biggest, most professional, meeting point available in social platforms.

Information to get right on your LinkedIn profiles

In our Social Selling program, we push to make your profile attractive to your “ideal client”. When you adopt that focus, there are some common mistakes you should avoid.

  1. No Picture, Horrible Picture, Wrong Picture

No blank space, no party pics, not your family vacation. A good picture of you dressed as you would be to go to work. First impressions matter as much online as in person.

  1. Boring Headline

Yes, you are in sales. Your target client needs you to tell them what your can do for them, not to tell them you sell widgets.

  1. Failure to Participate

Not seeing any activity around your profile? Hmmm – maybe try being active? Join relevant groups or those which connect you to potential buyers.

  1. Don’t Ever Fake it

Be accurate, be real. Like all coomunication, people will see through a fiction and (at best) leave it behind), at worst call you out on it. Be yourself, be trustworthy.

  1. Treating Your Profile as a resume

If you are not looking for a job, don’t look like you are looking for a job. Your profile must speak to your target audience. You need to connect them to your offering’s value and potential.

Bottom line? Make your profile attractive, informative and relevant. Expand your reach through group participation and posting useful information. Always Be Connecting.

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November 23, 2015

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