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Two big social selling mistakes to avoid

It’s common for people to get started with a social selling strategy and assume they’re doing the right thing if they’re tweeting and connecting with people on LinkedIn. There are, however, two big pitfalls that you should avoid:

Not focusing your energy

One mistake that many sales representatives make is by trying to excel at every social media platform instead of focusing on boosting their follower count and engagement rate on a select few platforms. We usually advise sales representatives to start by focusing on two social media platforms. While you can definitely be active and successful on more than two platforms, you run the risk of spreading yourself too thin if you are trying to get a following on too many.

So, which should you focus on? Here are the findings of research conducted by Shopify that analysed data from 37 million social media visits to their online stores:

  • Facebook drove the majority (63% of visits), followed by Pinterest (13%) and Twitter (10.5%);
  • 85% of all social media sales were the result of traffic from Facebook
  • The industry you are in will impact which platforms you choose. For automotive products, for example, YouTube took the largest share (26%) of social orders
  • Twitter converted the most visitors to sales for gifts and specialty items, while Pinterest was responsible for 74% of social media sales for antiques and collectibles

Not measuring and optimising

Keep track of what’s working and what isn’t. Use a mix of original and curated content, test different images, and test posting schedules at the very least to find out how you can continue to streamline and optimize your strategy.

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