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Using Social Media to Sell: Two Secrets to Creating Content that Sells

By Francois Muscat

Do you post valuable content for social selling? If you want to truly cater to the needs and requirements of your buyer, align your content to your buyer’s experience, interests and potential challenges. By providing valuable, helpful and informative content, your customers can find the answers they need without having to battle through various channels of communication. You’ll also be letting them know that you care about them. To ensure that the time and money you spend on your content marketing is warranted, make sure that the content is generating revenue for your business. You should be able to scale content production according to new initiatives launched.

In order to know if your content is working for you now and in the long run, you will need to focus on two social content selling secrets:

  • Original lead sourcing – it’s not just the original source of the lead that’s important. You need to expand your original need and determine if content is triggering new conversations. Roadmap your ideal customer profile and follow your leads back to determine which leads are engaging as a result of a certain piece of content. You should do this for each customer in order to see what content is working for you and on what scale.
  • Influencing leads – this is often referred to as lead attribution and can be a complex process. This type of analysis shows you how your browsers are consuming your content. It’s not as simple as just determining which piece of content spurred on their action. This is more the path they follow and what they found of use that helps to shape their decision of you as a partner. With this you will need to determine the following:
  • Just how much of your content they consumed.
  • Where was the content positioned?
  • Are they consuming content before or after sales?
  • Which pieces of content are bringing about the most conversions?

Analysing these two key points will help you to truly determine if you are creating content that generates revenue for your business.

Using Valuable Content for Social Media Selling

Creating valuable content is all about knowing your target audience and what they want and need. The more content and information you make available to them, the better for your brand and customer service image. At Social Selling Education we strive to help business sales teams realise the true potential of social media selling.

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April 25, 2016

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