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Using Social Selling to Find B2B Sales Prospects and Do Real Business

By Sharon Herrnstein

The world of sales – it’s a gruelling place to be. Sales experts spend hours, days and weeks trying to separate real prospects from dabblers. While this is a tedious and tiresome process, it must be done so that the very best service and time can be given to prospects that are primed and ready to do real business with you. Understanding social selling and how to capitalise on it can help you to handle this task with greater ease.

Skilled sales experts will be able to sift through the time wasters and uncover prospects with buying intention, but this is not a skill easily acquired. In most instances it is learned the hard way – and through trial and error. Why do you need to spend so much time sifting through prospects? Failing to do so will lead to you spreading yourself too thin and wasting time, energy and resources on potential sales that will simply never work out.

Today we’re going to focus on how you can use LinkedIn to separate your prospects into two groups: those most deserving of your time and pitch, and those who potentially aren’t. You can use LinkedIn to find prospects who can associate with you and who are most likely to engage with you. Those who used to work at current clients or have an association or a connection to your clients would be prime targets to focus on. Below is a great strategy for using social media to achieve this:

  • Go to your LinkedIn Advanced Search feature.
  • Use the drop down menu to select all the titles that you would like to target and ensure that your time parameter is set to “current”.
  • Enter all the accounts that you are currently doing business with.
  • The next step is setting your relationship degrees. Select all of these.
  • If you are looking for something specific in your targets, use the Keywords feature to help you narrow down your search.

You will now be presented with a list of prospects that you can sort through and further delve into. Creating lists of prospects will help you to better manage your time and provide an exceptional service to customers who are ready to do business with you.

Social Selling for Finding Better B2B Sales Prospects

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