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Using Twitter to Improve Conversions

By Rob Thomas

So, you want to learn how to use social selling techniques to improve your company’s bottom line? Then listen up! Here are our top tips for using Twitter ads to improve conversions:

  • Make it Punchy

Due to Twitter’s limited character count, you must get truly creative with your tweets and ad copy to ensure that it grabs the reader’s attention at first glance. Use more verbs and include a clear call to action. By doing so, you will have already made a good first impression and enhanced the likelihood of getting a positive response from prospective clients when you eventually take the plunge and make your introduction.

  • Make Use of Images

Images work extremely well when it comes to social selling on most, if not all, social platforms – Twitter included. According to studies, content that includes images gets up to 94% more views than content that does not. This extends to ads as well.

  • Time it Right

There’s no point in letting a Twitter ad run when nobody is online to see it. With this in mind, do some research into your target market’s Twitter habits and behaviours. Then time your tweets and ads accordingly. Once you have collected a few followers thanks to your efforts, you will be able to start sending out direct messages and making introductions. According to research, timing is essential here too as you are more likely to get a response from a prospective client if he or she is online at or around the time that you send your message.

  • Use Hashtags

Hashtags make it easier for people to find your tweet. It allows you even more power to target specific groups of people. Tweets that make use of hashtags can expect to see more than a 20% increase in engagement.

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April 10, 2017

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