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Rob Thomas

Bristol, UK
Rob Thomas

Rob Thomas [ Social Selling Instructor ]

Professional Background

  • Over 30 years experience in Sales & Marketing, Including 10 years of Digital Marketing
  • International Speaker, Coach & Trainer
  • Fellow of the Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

How Social Selling can Help YOU:

  • It will help you deliver consistency  and productivity across a diverse sales force
  • Open your eyes to the power of content, social selling & Inbound Marketing

Watch the below video podcast which outlines ‘The Case for Social Selling’ and also showcases some ‘how to’ examples that you can put into practice today!

Why I Believe in Social Selling:

  • I believed in using LinkedIn since before there was “social selling”!
  • Potential buyers do their due diligence online finding out; who you are, what you do, and what your online reputation is.  Get social selling right and the phone will ring, get it wrong and you’re out of the game before you even knew there was a game!
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