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The Direct Link Between Social Selling and Consumer Trust

Nowadays, people have seen it all when it comes to advertising. They are frustrated with calls from telemarketers reading from a script, and they purposely scroll past most sponsored online ads without giving them a second glance. Despite achieving unlimited connectivity, many of our lives are lacking real connections. Your potential buyers are desperate for authentic human connection – and this is why social selling is becoming the go-to selling technique for successfully establishing consumer trust and loyalty.

Why Social Selling? 

Ultimately, social selling helps to humanise brands and make them more relatable. It allows potential buyers to interact directly with the people behind the brand, and this is likely to make it easier for them to trust the said brand and choose to make use of its offering – again and again. Social selling is about creating and maintaining real relationships that are beneficial to both parties.

According to the Edelman Trust Barometer, 62% of people are more likely to trust a brand’s social media content than its advertising. Furthermore, if it is obvious that the content has been posted, shared or created by an individual, twice as many consumers will feel comfortable enough to explore the brand’s page and offering!

The key is to get as social as possible and keep that momentum going – never stop conversing and engaging with your buyers and potential buyers. After all, while getting the relationship started is certainly a challenge, maintaining and nurturing the connection is where the real work comes in!

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